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New Boards with Futures Fins

Al Mennie – Futures Fins Team Rider. It’s always an exciting time for a surfer to go to the shaping bay and pick new boards!  I love it!  It’s so exciting.  So today I drove to Rosy Surfboards in Londonderry to pick up a new 10’8″ gun and a new 6’0″ tow board.  Both have future […]

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The North Canyon Show – Nazare, Portugal

The waves of Nazare, Portugal have long been feared and respected by surfers, fishermen and the local community. A deep water canyon, over 200m deep, just off shore funnels swell in from the Atlantic before projecting it at the coastline. The result is huge a frame style peaking waves with extreme power. Al and Garrett […]

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Ireland’s Biggest Wave – Prowlers

Check out more footage of Prowlers, the massive wave we discovered off the west coast of Ireland:

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Newest Big Wave Spot Discovery – ‘Prowlers’

Prowlers is something we have been watching between us all for some time now. It is so exposed it takes everything to be right for it to be rideable. We assembled a solid team consisting of: two Irish men, myself and Ritchie; Devon’s Andrew Cotton; Aussie Paul O’Kane; and two saffas, Mottershead and Johnson. There […]

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Wavelength Sept!

Hey Guys As you know I’m back in Ireland now, and Wavelength have graced me with a cover shot, thanks lads: They also featured an article I wrote about Western Oz, following me and Tom Lowe from when arrived through to me leaving for Tahiti: The last few years with Micky have always been fairly […]

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Fergal Smith blogging in.

Hi guys, This is my first blog for Future Fins. So I will go through my experience with the fins first so far. I had the chance to start riding for Future Fins this winter and I am really glad I have made the change. I’m by no means a pro when it comes to […]

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