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Al Mennie completes crossing…….

Surftech Team Riders – Al Mennie Charity paddle to Islay-  Scotland completed Over £2000 raised for NI Chest Heart & Stroke Wow!!! – That was more difficult than I expected! I had spent two months training specifically for this crossing. I normally do a lot of training for surfing anyway but my trainer Richard Robinson altered […]

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Al Mennie preps Dominator

Al Mennie prepares Surftech 14′ Bark Dominator for epic challenge.  

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The Giants Crossing by Al Mennie

Al Mennie – rides Surftech Bark 14′ Dominator. My name is Al Mennie. I am a surfer from Northern Ireland. I have spent a lot of time riding some of the planets biggest and scariest waves. My next challenge is a little different! I plan to paddle across a very unique stretch of water at […]

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New Boards with Futures Fins

Al Mennie – Futures Fins Team Rider. It’s always an exciting time for a surfer to go to the shaping bay and pick new boards!  I love it!  It’s so exciting.  So today I drove to Rosy Surfboards in Londonderry to pick up a new 10’8″ gun and a new 6’0″ tow board.  Both have future […]

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How about a wee 90 footer before breakfast

90 Footer at Nazare – Portugal..? Biggest wave ever ridden? Foto by Polvo/ Jorge Leal and Wilson Ribeiro We are without are main safety ski and no helicopter back up. All we have is a ski to tow with another ski that doesn’t work in white water and Nicole spotting for us on the cliff […]

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Surfing in the Snow at Portrush

Didn’t want to let this snow keep me from surfing, so went for a surf off Portrush, the BBC have also a a video up.

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The North Canyon Show – Nazare, Portugal

The waves of Nazare, Portugal have long been feared and respected by surfers, fishermen and the local community. A deep water canyon, over 200m deep, just off shore funnels swell in from the Atlantic before projecting it at the coastline. The result is huge a frame style peaking waves with extreme power. Al and Garrett […]

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Ireland’s Biggest Wave – Prowlers

Check out more footage of Prowlers, the massive wave we discovered off the west coast of Ireland:

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