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Landed the Money Move at the Animal Newquay Open

The Animal Newquay Open was the final event of the tour this year and although I wasn’t planning on competing as I’ve been suffering with a few injuries, I managed to make a late entry on the morning of the event. I was drawn against Russ Winter and Richie Sills, so knew I had my […]

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Mount Llesur was Conquered, and Victory is Once Again Mine – Animal Newquay Open

Job done folks, the last event on the UK pro surf tour and I took down the victory. With 3 key events cancelled this year on the tour, the title race was tight. Unfortunately I missed 3 events on top of that, 1 of those being a 2 star event because I was competing in […]

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Great Results For the Futures Team at the Animal Newquay Open

Futures team riders had some great results at the Animal Open at Newquay this last weekend with Reubin Pearce winning the event, also scoring the highest wave of the event with 8.7 point wave in the semi’s, leading him into the final against Jonny Fryer, Micah Lester and Mark Harris with Reubin going onto win! […]

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Ireland’s Biggest Wave – Prowlers

Check out more footage of Prowlers, the massive wave we discovered off the west coast of Ireland:

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Newest Big Wave Spot Discovery – ‘Prowlers’

Prowlers is something we have been watching between us all for some time now. It is so exposed it takes everything to be right for it to be rideable. We assembled a solid team consisting of: two Irish men, myself and Ritchie; Devon’s Andrew Cotton; Aussie Paul O’Kane; and two saffas, Mottershead and Johnson. There […]

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Vote me the UK’s Most Inspirational Surfer

Hey guys, great to be on the Futures Fins team now, really pushing my surfing and trying out different templates to see what suits me best, I’ll let you know what I find out. The guys over at A1surf are sponsoring this years ‘Most Inspirational Surfer’ category in the UK Pro Surf Tour Awards so […]

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British Surfing Legend Lee Bartlett Riding Futures

The current British Masters and Seniors champion, Lee Bartlett, is the newest name on the Future Fins team! Lee has been surfing since he was 14, entering competitions since 17 and winning them since 18. With a strong competitive history in the UK with 8 English and 12 British titles under his belt, Lee will […]

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Young Guns Take British Junior Team Title

Hey guys, last weekend I was in Croyde for the interclub titles, and my team (Atlantic Coast Surf) came through victorious! There were 10 other teams competing and it was a solid 6′, so I’m stoked we came out on top! A very young, but experienced team, aged between 12-16 competed at Croyde beach North […]

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