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New Boards with Futures Fins

Posted on December 2, 2011 - Filed Under Future Fins, Quad Fins, Thruster Fins | By

Al Mennie – Futures Fins Team Rider.

It’s always an exciting time for a surfer to go to the shaping bay and pick new boards!  I love it!  It’s so exciting.  So today I drove to Rosy Surfboards in Londonderry to pick up a new 10’8″ gun and a new 6’0″ tow board.  Both have future fin boxes in them with options for both thruster and quad set ups so I can play about with what works at different spots.  My last big gun from Rosy worked well although I wanted a little more thickness all the way through it to allow me to catch bigger waves more easily on it.

These boards have been the result of me trying a few different boards from Rosy to date so in theory by working together these boards should perform better than anything I’ve already had.

I will be shipping the big 10’8″ (red and white) down Biarittz tomorrow for the La Vaca Gigante event to my friend Pilou’s house because the airlines don’t let us fly with anything over 9’2″ most of the time.

In my tow board I generally use the Gerry Lopez tow fins which have two small side fins and one big trailer fin made from glass fibre but Futures have just sent me a simon anderson quad set which i’m looking forward to using.  In my guns I tend to change between a thruster and quad set up quite a lot but I prefer the glass models as they are stronger and handle speed well.


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