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  • The New 14″ Dominator S – Surftech Pro Elite construction.

    The Revolution | 2017 BARK Dominator S by Surftech from Surftech USA on Vimeo.

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    Surftech launch New Learn 2 Surf Soft boards. 
    The Surftech Softop® has been the industry standard for over 20 years and is the best choice for surf schools, rentals, families and the destructive grom. New for 2017 is the Patent Pending Learn2surf® Softop® Series, featuring our Board Positioning Technology which make this series of boards the most unique product on the market. Designed to hold up to the most demanding conditions, the Surftech Softops are not only durable but look and surf great with shapes suitable for any level surfer, beginner to expert. The hard bottom provides the stiffness needed for fast, down-the-line surfing while the soft deck is safe for the entry level surfer riding the wave of their life for the very first time. They are extremely durable, lightweight and guaranteed fun.

    Surftech Learn2Surf Patent Pending Instruction, Safety and Skill Advancement Boards from Surftech USA on Vimeo.

    Contact us for more information tel. 01205 722745 info@surfcommission.co.uk

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    NSP is proud to announce Surf Commission – Surftech UK as the new and exclusive NSP distributor for the United Kingdom, including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales, starting March 2017. For all sales enquiries please contact info@surfcommission.co.uk — in England.

    Contact us now for New 2017 Brochure. tel. 01205 722745 info@surfcommission.co.uk

  • Surftech “Limited Edition Collection” Series
    Each year, Surftech will pay homage to one iconic shaper and the notable design contribution that made them famous. These boards will be very limited in their availability and represent the pinnacle of design within the era in which they were first introduced. Each of these boards represents a milestone in surfing history and will be painstakingly re-produced down to the last detail.

    For 2017 Dick Brewer & Surftech are releasing a Limited Edition Balsawood Gun.

    Legendary surfboard shaper Dick Brewer has teamed with Surftech to offer a limited number of his Iconic 70’s era Balsawood guns. Only 100 of these boards will be available worldwide in 2017. Each board will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Dick and will be available on a strictly first-come first-serve basis. These Brewers have a special place in the history of surfing

    These veneered wood replicas of the original started as a hand shaped 9’6” “Master” by Dick in his shaping bay located on Oahu, Hawaii. From there the master was sent to Surftech’s factory in Thailand for meticulous duplication and manufacturing. This board is still considered today the premier shape used in big surf during the early short board revolution that took place in the late 60’s and 70’s.

    “Dick and his innovative designs had a huge impact on surfing and surf culture during that era and for decades to follow. His influence during the birth of the short board revolution is undeniable and the idea of actually owning one of these Masterpieces is still considered a milestone for any serious surfer”, says John Vance, CEO at Surftech.

    “Over the years, I have been asked to re-produce this board for collectors around the world. This design has always been one of my favorites and I felt that by teaming with Surftech I could offer this design to more people on a global basis better than on my own”, says Dick Brewer.

    Contact us for more details or to reserve your board. tel. +44 (0)1205 722745 info@surfcommission.co.uk

    brewer brewer2

  • Surftech launches New Channel Island Designs.   The new lineup will consist of several new constructions with an eye on advanced materials, fabrications and shapes “This new line up represents the largest collection of Channel Islands ever produced by Surftech and represents the leading- edge in technical materials and constructions. It speaks volumes about the depth of designs that Channel Islands has developed and once again clearly illustrates why Channel Islands is still the number one surfboard brand in the world.” says John Vance, CEO at Surftech.

    Scott Anderson, General Manager at Channel Islands says, “We are working closer than ever with Surftech to produce best in class boards using their innovative and proprietary constructions such as Tuflite. These boards are extremely durable and make for ideal travel boards.” “This year’s collection brings some color to proven shapes, the CI performer Longboard, and advanced designs not yet seen from us. There are four brand new designs and several updates such as the new Water Hog and High 5 that will get lots of attention on the retail floor.

    These boards will be with us in the UK this spring

    c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6


  • The Father of Modern Longboard Design Teams with Surftech to release the next generation Hydro Hull

    Legendary surfboard shaper and recognized father of the modern longboard, Bill Stewart has joined forces with Surftech in the development and sales of his next generation Hydro Hull designs.  These models will incorporate Carbon Fiber rails and the beveled edge made famous when the first Hydro Hulls were introduced.  This design allows for a quicker edge to edge rotation while not losing the bite and drive high performance surfers want.  At the same time, by essentially having two “edges” along the rail of the board they are also quite forgiving.  Combine that with Bills proprietary single to double concave bottom and you have a wickedly agile and fast reacting board. 

    “Over the years, I have never stopped refining the Hydro Hull rail design, it’s bottom contours, fin shapes and placement.  The collaboration between myself and the Surftech team has taken the construction and materials to a whole new level. The new Hydro Hull trims better, paddles better and faster than ever.  These Carbon Tuflite boards are the pinnacle of technology and performance and I can’t wait to see them in the water”. says Bill Stewart

    Contact Surf Commission tel. 01205 722745 email info@ssurfcommission.co.uk for more info


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    Rusty Dozer TL Pro Carbon

    This is the high-performance shortboard that eats mediocre waves for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It packs about as much volume as possible into the shortboard outline, with a couple unique tweaks that keep it lively and fast.  The Rusty Dozer flies over flats and works insanely in fun, gutless surf.

        Dozers are wider, thicker, and have more overall volume than a standard shortboard, so it’s a good idea to ride them shorter. The flat tail rocker and single concave bottom gives the Dozer crazy scoot in little waves, without bogging or plowing.  Good for airs and has great control for tail slides.

    Available in Blue or Red in sizes shown (while stocks lasts)

     contact tel. 01205 722745 or email info@surfcom.co.uk
    Available from all Surftech Stockists

    Shipping via courier £24.00 UK (excluding Highlands & Ireland)
    All other countries shipping will be quoted individually.


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    Check out what’s new for 2017

    12′ Bark Commander now in 3 sizes.

    The New Bark Vapor Ghost Carbon.

    New Bark Dominator S – a super sized version of the D2. 




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