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50Ft North Canyon Wave on a GoPro

The guys over at X-TremeVideo.com set me up with one of their GoPro cams for when I went to the North Canyon at Nazare Portugal, check out the footage below: http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.x-tremevideo.com%2Fgopro-cameras%2Fgopro-hd-hero-cameras&session_token=JZAseDiTNUR_lZGlM33PxrfVtpZ8MTI5MTgwODI1Nw%3D%3D My full write up goes into how it all went down.

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The North Canyon Show – Nazare, Portugal

The waves of Nazare, Portugal have long been feared and respected by surfers, fishermen and the local community. A deep water canyon, over 200m deep, just off shore funnels swell in from the Atlantic before projecting it at the coastline. The result is huge a frame style peaking waves with extreme power. Al and Garrett […]

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Robert August 9’0″ Saber Review & Update

Hi Guys Been a while since a last updated, but its been very hectic these last few months with competitions, and a trip to Portugal. SOme the most recent result I’ve had lately are; 3rd place at the BLU3 at Watergate Bay, 5th Place at the Stylemasters at Saunton and 5th Place at the 2009 […]

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December 2008. Portugal

Here’s some footage I had taken while in Portugal last year while on the Surf Solutions training camp.

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Portugal Presence 2008

Just thought I’d share some footage of my time at Portugal Presence last December. While I was there the British team coach has been quoted as saying he considers me to be probably the most naturally gifted under 18 surfer in the UK. The board I was riding was the 6’1″ T. Patterson, Reyes A-Team, […]

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My 5’11 Town & Country Mikala Squash TL2

Just a few quick words about the 5’11” Town & Country Mikala Squash that i am riding at the moment and the trip to Portugal i took it on. I have surfed on pretty much all of the TL2 models now, that are suitable for my size and weight and i am loving the 5’11 […]

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