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Surfing in the Snow at Portrush

Didn’t want to let this snow keep me from surfing, so went for a surf off Portrush, the BBC have also a a video up.

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Sup’ing Ripples

I’ve put together a quick video of me checking out some micro surf on the Lopez 9’6″ Surf Music; really shows this board can go on anything!

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50Ft North Canyon Wave on a GoPro

The guys over at X-TremeVideo.com set me up with one of their GoPro cams for when I went to the North Canyon at Nazare Portugal, check out the footage below: http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.x-tremevideo.com%2Fgopro-cameras%2Fgopro-hd-hero-cameras&session_token=JZAseDiTNUR_lZGlM33PxrfVtpZ8MTI5MTgwODI1Nw%3D%3D My full write up goes into how it all went down.

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Mount Llesur was Conquered, and Victory is Once Again Mine – Animal Newquay Open

Job done folks, the last event on the UK pro surf tour and I took down the victory. With 3 key events cancelled this year on the tour, the title race was tight. Unfortunately I missed 3 events on top of that, 1 of those being a 2 star event because I was competing in […]

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TransWorld High Five Commercial

Just thought I’d share my commercial for the TransWorld High Five video I posted about a few weeks ago, its short but check it out: HIGH 5 Fergal Smith Commercial LEAKED from Blake Kueny on Vimeo. Here’s the full trailer again: High Five from TransWorld Last modified on 2010-08-06 08:55:56 GMT. 0 comments. Top. Check […]

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Nike 6.0 – Picture This

Wavelength have opened the voting for the Nike 6.0 Picture This competition, so guys get voting! My shot is below. Here’s the footage from the event too: I’ll let you know how I’m getting on with my new fins with an update in the next few days! Griffter

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High Five from TransWorld

Check out the trailer for the new video, High Five, from TransWorld Surf; they asked me to be apart of it at the start of the year, so I have been filming with Willy and Mickey and they made it happen big. Thanks boys. I have not even seen the finished vid’ yet but I […]

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Pushing Your Limits – SurfGirl

Hey Guys SurfGirl have published a feature I wrote for them for their ‘technique’ section and published a great shot of me on my H20 Sk8R – I love that board It’s about how to become a better surfer by pushing and challenging yourself, and not being happy with just cruising along with no challenge: […]

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Testing my F4s in Sri Lanka

During an awesome time in Sri Lanka, I managed to get some footage with my Go Pro while testing my V2 F4 Black Stix out. I’ve gotta give them a big thumbs up! and like all Black Stix they’re super light; got good flex and hold and generate some great speed!

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France SUP May 2010

This was going to be a video of me at the World SUP Contest in France but after bombing out early, most of it is freesurfing up the beach from the contest site ! As the French say “Say la Vie”.

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