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Interviewed by MyCornwall.tv

Hey Guys Thought I’d share the interview I did with MyCornwall.tv, there’s some awesome footage before the interview starts too! Enjoy:

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How To Bottom Turn

Hey all A while ago I posted the Animal videocast from the Relentless Boardmasters, well if any of you missed it, here is my how to on how to do a bottom turn: Stokesy

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Boardmasters Interview

As you all know I came 5th at this years Relentless Boardmasters, and the guys at Surf Europe have an interview with me posted up: It was pretty tricky conditions with the odd fun wave coming through. I had one but I needed another one. He had a good wave straight away but I didn’t […]

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Future Fins Feature

Carve Mag have a Fink Tank feature in their latest issue, where they interview Vince Longo from Future Fins about fin technology: In the last couple of issues we’ve checked out performance sticks, eggs, fishes, longboards and everything in-between. But is there something we’ve forgotten? Like those little sticky-out things that help us steer? Yep, […]

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Animal Interview

Hey Guys Animal have done an interview with me for their latest Videocast, you can catch it here: More Surfing >>

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5 Essentials

Hey all Thought I’d share my 5 essentials with you, as featured in this months Wavelength issue: Surfboard: My favourite board at the moment is my Surftech TL2 Xanadu X-20, its 5’10” x 18.5″ x 2″. It’s really fast and great for top turns. Alan (Stokes): He is actually my slave; every Swiss girl has […]

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Slide Mag Interview

I’ve just had an interview with Slide Mag, thought I’d post a few samples for you: What’s more satisfying for you at this point in your surfing evolution a good bazza or making a sick air? I would say that I love landing a sick air but a good old late drop into a thick, […]

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