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Repair & Maintenance of your Rescue Board

Just like any other piece of rescue equipment, your Surftech Rescue Board will require some routine maintenance and we recommend that you inspect all of your rescue gear daily to ensure safe and positive results. We further recommend a biannual inspection program that will maintain your rescue board in top shape. This maintenance schedule should […]

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Guts Achieves the First SUP Crossing of the Bristol Channel

Hi guys, Just to let you know that Myself and a friend (Adam England) crossed the Bristol Channel from Wales to England on Sunday, through some thick sea fog in the shipping lanes and strong tidal currents, then back into the glorious sunlight for the final leg. We started in Port Eynon in Wales and […]

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Matt “Rocky” Rockhold Shredding

Check out this awesome footage of Matt “Rocky” Rockhold ripping on his 6’0″ signature Xanadu: Rocky showed us how to 360 a while ago.

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Testing out the Gerry Lopez 8’11” Quad

Hey guys, here’s some footage of me on my Lopez 8’11” Lil’ Darling: Check out the shots i posted up before too: Guts testing the Lopez 8’11” Quad SUP Last modified on 2010-03-12 12:58:21 GMT. 0 comments. Top. Hi Guys, here’s some shots of me testing out the Lopez 8’11” Quad SUP taken by Paul […]

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Hotdoggers Kick off the Year in Style!

Ashley knew that being against the quickest lightest surfers in the event would have to throw in some big turns to have any chance of taking the win. Lying in 3rd place, the Xcel/Surftech rider took off in the last second before the horn requiring a score around the 7.5 mark to stand any chance. A quick combination of drop-knee snaps followed by a hang five to hang ten combination and a fully committed finishing turn gave him the score needed to overtake the others to narrowly take first place.

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O-Dog Shredding on the H2O SK8R

Check out O-Dog Omar Etcheverry shredding on his Surftech UltraFLX 5’8″ H2O SK8R.

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Hopping Over to Bali

After a wicked time in Oz we flew to Bali for our final leg of the trip. This time I finally managed to get some good waves in Bali after my previous two visits being plagued by vomiting, diarrhea and flatness. The reef in front of the cafes at Canguu was all time dishing up […]

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Guts Surfboards shop opening

The Surf Commission is supporting Surftech team rider Chris “Guts” Griffiths in the opening of his new shop in Wales. Chris has a range of Surftech boards, as well as his own shapes plus a Future Fins demo tree. At long last we are opening a shop where you can come and get all your […]

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