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My 5’11 Town & Country Mikala Squash TL2

Posted on May 15, 2009 - Filed Under Shortboarding, Stand Up Paddling, Surftech Boards, Thruster Fins | By

Just a few quick words about the 5’11” Town & Country Mikala Squash that i am riding at the moment and the trip to Portugal i took it on.

I have surfed on pretty much all of the TL2 models now, that are suitable for my size and weight and i am loving the 5’11 Mikala.

When i first ordered this board i had my reservations because Town & Country are a Hawaiian shaper and i was assuming that this board would hate our ‘not so Hawaiian waves’ here in England, but i couldn’t have been more wrong; it goes, and then it goes some more.

I have been riding this board now along with the 5’11” Rusty Kerr for about five months, literally, the only boards I have surfed apart from the 6’3″ JC SD-3 Pin Tail in some hollower, chunky stuff.

Five months of constant aerials and wipe-outs and my boards are still trucking with a few dings from miss-timed landings and the odd scratch here and there from shore break barrels, however apart from that they are looking like they will hold for another five months. Believe me, this is good news as these two boards, especially the Glen Pang are the best surfboards I’ve had period and that’s a nice feeling to have.

I took the 5’11” Mikala on a recent trip to Portugal for a 6 star WQS surfing event, the board went great, the waves were constantly around the four feet mark and we found some nice sand banks north of the Capital Lisbon.

I rode the board for the entire trip and didn’t think twice about riding anything else, sometimes when i go for a surf I’ll have a few waves and think oh I wish I had my Rusty board out here because its good for airs, top turns etc but this board just keeps ticking all the boxes, its good for airs, top turns, carves in good waves and feels loose and forgiving in bad waves.

My step up board thou is the 6’3″ T & C Mikala Rounded Pin as has the pin tail and lovely rails that will hold through drawn out carves and release through top turns. I rode this board in a comp at pumping Thurso East in Scotland and scored a ten point ride so; I love it!


JC Hawaii - 63 - SD-3 Pin Tail

JC Hawaii - 6'3" - SD-3 Pin Tail

Rusty - 511 - Kerr

Rusty - 5'11'' - Kerr

Town & Country - 511 TL2 Mikala Squash

Town & Country - 5'11" TL2 Mikala Squash

Town & Country - 62 TL2 Mikala Round

Town & Country - 6'2" TL2 Mikala Round


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  1. yan on December 4th, 2010 8:37 pm

    Hi i just want to know your weight,i ride the 6’0 sd3 tl2 and LOVE it and as well the sd3 6’3.I just ordered the sd3 5’10 and looking to get the 511 mikala as well im 5’7 150lbs intermediate rider do you think its a board for me like th sd3 6’0?

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