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Robert August 9’0″ Saber Review & Update

Posted on August 19, 2009 - Filed Under Future Fins, Longboard Fins, Longboarding, Surftech Boards | By

Hi Guys

Been a while since a last updated, but its been very hectic these last few months with competitions, and a trip to Portugal.

SOme the most recent result I’ve had lately are; 3rd place at the BLU3 at Watergate Bay, 5th Place at the Stylemasters at Saunton and 5th Place at the 2009 Atlantic Watersports Games held in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

I have now been surfing my Robert August 9’0″ Saber for a couple of months, to start with it took me a while to get used to the buoyancy and the hard rails but now that I am used to it I’m loving it!

After a couple of weeks my surfing started to get back towards where it was after struggling a little on custom boards for over a year. I am now surfing as well as ever before and can honestly put it down to the board which allows me to attack waves at speed and which responds well in all conditions. I am using the standard side-fins which come with the board and the Future Fins Performance 8″ centre-fin, this fin has a wide base which creates a lot of drive very quickly which combined with the boards responsiveness allows for quick speedy turns.

The relatively flat planshape allows for great noserides which belie it’s width, I can get longer hang tens on this narrow nose better than on most noserider models.

I would only recommend this board to a progressing surfer due to the hard rails and narrow planshape but I think that any surfer who can already noseride a little and turn fairly well will find this board will take their surfing to another level.

Saber Front

Saber Front

Saber Side

Saber Side

Saber Back

Saber Back

Performance 8 Smoke

Performance 8'' Smoke


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