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Boardmasters Interview

Posted on August 19, 2009 - Filed Under Shortboarding, Surftech Boards | By

As you all know I came 5th at this years Relentless Boardmasters, and the guys at Surf Europe have an interview with me posted up:

It was pretty tricky conditions with the odd fun wave coming through. I had one but I needed another one. He had a good wave straight away but I didn’t get the equivalent until a minute to go. That’s the way it goes. At that level if you’re not on those waves then theres no way you’re going to get through. He had one and a back up score. A lot of the smaller waves were just dieing out so it was quite hard to get a decent wave score.

Fifth place is good though, my best result ever and I’m now up to eleventh in Europe half way through the year. My goal this year is to finish in the top ten and if I can do that I’ll be really happy. I’m a bit gutted as it’s always a dream to win the Boardmasters but it’s the best I’ve ever done so I’m stoked with that. I learnt a lot and gained confidence. It was the first time I had ever had a man-on-man heat so I learned to surf two man heats, bit of a crash course but I quite like it, there’s less hassling for waves like you get in s four man heat.

Now I’m off to Lacanau in France for a 6* prime WQS. I’ve done quite well there in the past and had some good times in Lacanau so I feel quite comfortable surfing there.


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