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5 Essentials

Posted on July 4, 2009 - Filed Under Shortboarding, Surftech Boards | By

Hey all

Thought I’d share my 5 essentials with you, as featured in this months Wavelength issue:

My favourite board at the moment is my Surftech TL2 Xanadu X-20, its 5’10” x 18.5″ x 2″. It’s really fast and great for top turns.

Alan (Stokes):
He is actually my slave; every Swiss girl has at least one of them. I don’t do anything in the house I get Alan to do it all, whilst I enjoy eating my chocolate and watching him. Ah life is good.

I love mountain biking its really fun and keeps me fit. I try to keep my carbon footprint down by using my bike as transport to go everywhere, literally. Apart from if it involves crossing the sea – then my carbon footprint is probably a size 15!

I love chocolate, Swiss chocolate is the best! Chocolate makes you happy, it’s actually proven. I’m glad I don’t live in Switzerland anymore coz I would have turned into a right fatty by now. There are whole aisles dedicated to chocolate in the supermarkets back home, it’s ridiculous.

Essential, my Kaenon polarized sunnies, my happy glasses, because everything looks slightly rosey! My eyes have inherited cataracts which means they are really sensitive to light especially when its overcast and the light is all silvery-gray and bright. You could be surfing next to me and I could be looking at you but I wouldn’t be able to see your face, only a gray silhouette. So you’ll have to come up closer and wave like a mad person if you want to say hi!

Celine Gehret- 5 Essentials

Celine Gehret- 5 Essentials


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