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Jamie Mitchell 9’8″ SUP Review

Posted on October 5, 2012 - Filed Under Stand Up Paddling, Surftech Boards | By

Jamie Mitchell 9’8 Sup  

Length 9’8″ 

Width 28

Thickness 4 1/4

Volume 135L

In comparison with other boards this SUP provides a happy medium between being stable and responsive.  The board is suitable for people who are competent but are looking to advance their Paddle Surfing skills.

As a medium to lightweight guy this board was particularly stable even in windy, choppy conditions.  The added buoyancy allows you to shift your weight around whilst surfing the wave giving it a cross between a long board and short board feel.  It cuts through the water with ease and with its good stability made paddling out through waves  comfortable.

The board makes it easy to turn and catch waves and its rounded pin tail makes manoeuvrability excellent when surfing good quality waves.

The Jamie Mitchell 9’8” is a thruster set up with a larger centre fin. This gives the board good straight line speed but still allows it to turn easily.

 On the whole the best surfing SUP I’ve ridden.

Review by Ollie Shilston – Surftech Team Rider


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