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9’1″ McTavish Fireball Review

Posted on December 28, 2009 - Filed Under Longboarding, Surftech Boards | By

Merry Christmas guys!!

I’ve been using my 9’1″ McTavish Fireball a lot lately, and thought some of you fellow longboarders might like to hear my thoughts on it:

I originally got this board as a small wave noserider due to its width, it did the job pretty well but its real strengths came through in waist to head high fairly steep waves. As a noserider the board is very stable with plenty of room to adjust, great for hang tens through steep sections. From the tail I was expecting a board that would allow me to put in turns but never expected this to be its main quality. I could do full roundhouse cutbacks without any unwanted drift or slide but could release the tail at will. It is a great board for progressive manoevres such as tail 360’s and helicopters, this along with its noseriding qualities make it a great all-rounder.

The board itself would suit anyone wanting a responsive modern longboard that they can still improve their noseriding skills with. This combined with the sheer strength of Surftech’s board construction make the board perfect for the personal who wants one mal for everything.


9'1" McTavish Fireball Front9'1" McTavish Fireball Side9'1" McTavish Fireball


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