Hydro Glide- Stewart Custom Softop

The Hydro Glide Softop-CP was designed for easier paddling, turning, and progressing your longboard skills. The Hydro Glide is a thicker board with relatively flat rocker, fullness held out to the rails, and beveled rails all the way around to provide maximum forgiveness. The Softop-CP construction gives this great shape durability, comfort and maximum traction. The Hydro Glide is as easy to paddle and forgiving as the Hydro Fun in a longboard shape! Read more →


Length 9’0″, Width 23.5″, Thickness 3.0″, Volume 68.5L     Colour- Blue/Grey

Length 10’0″, Width 24.0″, Thickness 3.2″, Volume 84.5L     Colour- Blue/Grey

Length 11’0″, Width 24.5″, Thickness 3.5″, Volume 102.5L     Colour- Blue/Grey

Fin setup

2+1 fin setup/squash tail


Softop Custom-performance


Bill Stewart is regarded by most as the Godfather of the ‘Modern’ longboard. His innovative Hydro Hull design, which features Bill’s iconic beveled rail, distinctive single to double concave bottom, and a 2+1 fin setup, still sets the pace in high-performance decades later. The result is a faster harder turning board that is more forgiving. The Hydro Hull is a timeless design that will never go out of style with knowledgeable high-performance longboarders around the world.





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