While out in the US we spotted the Surftech brand, still in its early stages it was clear to see that Randy French had a brilliant concept. We were very familiar with the epoxy technology after selling windsurfing hardware for years and knew the surf shops well from our experience with the Toes on the Nose brand. From small beginnings Surftech has grown and grown, making a massive impacted in 2007 Surftech awarded us the ‘Most Growth Award’ of all their distributors. Their range continues to expand now with the addition of SUP, prone and a polyester range of boards.

Surfboard Wholesalers in the UK

We are traditional wholesalers, we hold a massive range of boards in stock in the UK and do our best to support the UK surf stores.  We advertise in specialist surf media and sponsor riders both at international and local levels.  We are all ways happy to chat about boards or the Surftech technology.

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