Funline – Stewart Custom Softop

The Funline Softop-CP paddles really big, and can ride small. It's designed to easily catch waves for all size surfers, and all conditions. This board is super wide in the front for paddle power. It has a flat straight entry rocker with flip in the tip. An extra long concave in the nose, for trim speed and quick rail exchange. The Softop-CP construction makes a durable and forgiving board. Read more →


Length 8’0″, Width 22.5″, Thickness 3.0″, Volume 58.75L     Colour- Blue/Grey

Fin setup

2+1 fin setup/rounded pin tail


Softop Custom-performance


Bill Stewart is regarded by most as the Godfather of the ‘Modern’ longboard. His innovative Hydro Hull design, which features Bill’s iconic beveled rail, distinctive single to double concave bottom, and a 2+1 fin setup, still sets the pace in high-performance decades later. The result is a faster harder turning board that is more forgiving. The Hydro Hull is a timeless design that will never go out of style with knowledgeable high-performance longboarders around the world.





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