Walden Mini Mega Magic (Tuflite C-Tech)

Mini Mega Magic with Tuflite C-Tech compositry is a smaller version of the popular Mega Magic. This one is sized at a comfortable 6'10" and is a sporty version designed for the bigger guy who is looking for a bigger short board (rather than the Mega Magic which is a shorter longboard) Read more →

The Mini Mega Magic Model (Tuflite C-Tech) is made from Tuflite C-Tech technology and is a sporty version designed for the bigger guy who is looking for a bigger short board. The Mini Mega Magic Model (Tuflite C-Tech) is available in two sizes: 6’10” (Red), 7’6″ (Blue)


6’10”- Width 23.5″, Thickness 3.5″, Volume 67L

7’6″ – Width 23.5″, Thickness 3.9″, Volume 82.2L

Fin system

2 + 1 Fin Setup/ Squash Tail


Tuflite C-Tech

  1. Fused Cell EPS Core// Closed-cell EPS core provides more response + flotation
  2. GreenPoxy Resin// The latest innovation in bio-based epoxy chemistry
  3. 2x Layers Fiberglass// E-glass has the highest strength-to-weight ratio available
  4. Micro-Sandwich Veneer// Wood veneer creates natural flex + adds break strength
  5. Composite T-Stringer(s)// T-Stringers add power distribution + adds break strength
  6. Carbon Stringer// Distributes power + protects from dings + adds break strength
  7. Carbon Tail Patches (on a few models)// Distributes power + protects from dings + adds break strength
  8. Reinforced Rails// Fiberglass reinforced rails enhances performance + durability
  9. Exclusive Sandwich Technology// Surftech Tuflite boards are molded with exclusive methods


Steve Walden shaped his first surfboard in 1961, at age 13, and never looked back. Eight years later, the native Southern Californian opened his first board factory and store in Huntington Beach, then moved to the North Shore of Oahu in 1972, where he made a name for himself as a prolific longboard shaper. While the rest of the surfing world was fixated on short single-fins, Walden continued to faithfully hone his longboard designs. Over the year he shaped for prestigious labels like Lightning Bolt, Local Motion, HIC and Channel Islands, but it was always his own boards that set him apart. By the early 80s Walden returned to California where he unveiled unveiled his wildly successful Magic Model with it’s radical rocker, down-turned rails, unique bottom curve and bevels, and super-fast bottom contour.

With arguably the most advanced and high performance longboards on the market, Walden was uniquely positioned to capitalize on the resurgence of longboarding in the late 80s and 90s. To date, Walden estimates he’s personally shaped over 20,000 boards. These days, when he’s not mowing foam, Walden is surfing. Though he competed some as a teenager, he returned to contest surfing at the age of 30 and has been a regular on the podium ever since. In fact, Walden still holds the record for the longest noseride in competition history with an epic 25.5 second ride.

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