Surftech Beachcraft Package (Air-Travel)

The Beachcraft Air-Travel combines progressive yet forgiving all-around outline, strategically placed handles and fin boxes, with an integrated deck pad, high pressure valve and the most advanced Drop-stitch construction to create one of the most compact and easy of use inflatable boards available. The new composite models are best suited for short to mid-range paddling around the lake, lagoon, river or beach and are a great style of board that the entire family can enjoy. Surftech's All-Around boards can be used for short distance touring, light to heavy workouts, yoga, fishing, water transportation, just to name a few purposes, but are primarily intended for recreation and fitness. With our proprietary constructions, the new line of All-Around boards offer options for the beginner to expert paddlers and everyone in between. Read more →

The Surftech Beachcraft (Air-Travel) package is made from Air-Travel technology and is the whole package! The Surftech Beachcraft is available in one size: 10’8″.


10’8″ – Width 33″, Thickness 6″, Volume 319L

The Package

The Surftech Beachcraft (Air-Travel) comes as a package including: board, paddle, 9″ fin with key-less screw, repair kit, valve tool and roller backpack with dual-action air pump.



The Air Travel Inflatables are made of high-quality puncture-resistance PVC Drop-stitch material to create a strong, rigid SUP that can go anywhere and stores easily. The double sidewall and dual-layer deck/bottom make Surftech Inflatables the most durable construction on the market. Surftech Inflatables come with dual-action hand pump to transform from duffel bag sized to a full-sized SUP. 15-18psi.

Additional Features

  • Deck tie-downs
  • Padded handle
  • Drop-stitch material
  • Roller bag, 3-piece paddle, pump, fin + repair kit


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