Hinds Dream Fish

As the name implies, the Dream Fish is a Fish that performs beyond expectations. The curve of the outline allows you to get more vertical than the traditional Fish, while the width in the tail gets you through the flatter or slower sections. Expect fast, loose, carving possibilities that are only limited by your imagination, the “Dream Fish” is a perfect choice for versatility and overall performance surfing. Due to Roger’s unique fin box placements and when combined with his custom NVS fins The Dream Fish can be ridden with the characteristics of a Fish, Twin Fin or Thruster depending on the fin setup you choose. Run it as a quad or a twin and draw long lines and fly down the line, run it as a thruster and carve tight arcs in the pocket and off the lip. The “Dream Fish” will take your surfing to a new level, while giving you the versatile options of Thruster, Twin Fin or Quad. Read more →

The Hinds Dream Fish is made from Fusion HD technology. The board allows for fast, loose, carving possibilities. The “Dream Fish” is a perfect choice for versatility and overall performance surfing. The Hinds Dream Fish is available in five sizes: 5’9”, 6’0”, 6’3″, 6’6″, and 6’9”.


5’9” – Width 20.5″, Thickness 2.5″, Volume 32.5L

6’0” – Width 20.75″, Thickness 2.625″, Volume 35.8L

6’3″ – Width 21″, Thickness 2.75″, Volume 39L

6’6″ – Width 21.25″, Thickness 2.875″, Volume 42.6L

6’9” – Width 21.5″, Thickness 3″, Volume 46.2L

Fin system

5 Fin Option / Swallow Tail


Fusion HD

Surftech’s version of a standard EPS and epoxy surfboard
construction. A closed cell EPS core containing a wood stringer is
layered with E-glass and biax glass for a light weight performance
board with a lively feel. All Fusion HD boards are hand finished.

Additional Features

  1. FUSED CELL EPS CORE // Closed-cell EPS core provides more response + flotation
  2. CLEAR HD-EPOXY RESIN // Epoxy resin system with high thermo-mechanical performances
  3. HIGH-QUALITY E-GLASS FIBERGLASS // E-glass has the highest strength-to-weight ratio available
  4. FULL BIAX DECK PATCH (45° / -45°) // The Biax fiberglass distributes power + protects from dings
  5. WOOD STRINGER // Distributes power + adds pop + adds break strength
  6. FUTURES FIN BOXES // Takes just seconds to insert and remove the fins
  7. HAND-FINISHED // Machine-shaped, hand-laminated, and hand-finished


Roger Hinds shaping career has spawned four decades and encompassed the multi-faceted evolution of the short board. From his early days of stripped down long boards during the transition era, to refining his skills under the tutelage of the likes of Ed Angulo, Jeff Edwards and Kent Smith. 70’s North Shore soul with Country Surfboards and Lightning Bolt and team riders spanning the era’s and all disciplines from Jock Sutherland and Mike Armstrong to Long board World Champions Rusty Keaulana and Taylor Jensen. Production shaping for the likes of Blue Hawaii, Russ K, Harbour, Hobie and Weber, as well as head shaper for Bear USA.

“He won the icons of foam shape-off back to back in 2014 & 2015 at the boardroom show first honoring Ben Aipa then Rusty Preisendorfer.”

His attention to detail has lead to some of the most popular plugs for Clark Foam and US Blanks. He won of The Icons of Foam shape-off back to back in 2014 & 2015 at The Boardroom Show first honoring Ben Aipa then Rusty Preisendorfer. He came in second at the Ultimate Craftsman Project at the same show losing by only one tenth of a point. That same detail is reflected in start to finish shape, glass, color and polish of impeccable quality. Roger Hinds lives the art of surfboard construction. – Randy Rarick


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