Bark Commander (Tuflite Ghost-Carbon)

Bark Paddleboards are the fastest boards on the water. More races have been won on BARK paddle boards than any other brand. Why? Because no surf/paddleboard designer has logged more time on the water than Joe Bark. Joe's complete range of boards- from his world famous unlimited-class and stock paddleboards, to his stand-up paddleboards, coastal touring boards, big wave guns and longboards- are all tested, refined, hand-shaped and finished right here in Southern California. Read more →


Commander LT: Length 12’0″, Width 20″, Thickness 8.4″, Volume 178L     Colour- Teal (Typically up to 160lbs)

Commander S: Length 12’0″, Width 20.5″, Thickness 8.6″, Volume 188L     Colour- Orange (Typically 135lbs-190lbs)

Commander WD: Length 12’0″, Width 20.5″, Thickness 8.7″, Volume 200L     Colour- Green (Typically 175lbs-225lbs)

Commander 14: Length 14’0″, Width 20.7″, Thickness 8.8″, Volume 235.4L     Colour- Blue (Typically 175lbs-300lbs)

Fin setup

Single-fin (provided)


Tuflite Ghost Carbon

Key Features

-Trusted Surftech constructions

-Leg-Lock recessed design

-1″ thick comfort deck pad

-Chest ramp keeps your head up

-Water bottle slot on deck

-FCS Connect fin included


Joe Bark does not tire easily.  Shaper / freediver / spearfisher / father / surfer / paddler / boardbuilder / husband.  Doing what he loves. And what Joe Bark loves is the ocean. Everything flows from there.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, a place teeming with surf and ocean history, Joe took his cues from surfing’s “Greatest Generation” of boardbuilders, paddlers and shapers, salt-of-the-earth pioneer types from the ’50s and ’60s who cut the example the rest of us should follow. In 1983, intrigued by a small group of paddlers bent on resurrecting the then-defunct Catalina Classic (which had been dormant for 20 years), Joe paddled the race, and hasn’t missed a race since. He won the event twice, in 1988 and 1989. 2013 was his 30th crossing.  He made himself his first paddleboard in 1976, and today, Bark Paddleboards is widely recognized as the leading brand in the ocean endurance community.  For Joe, it’s not work, it’s a life. He’s up at four (that’s a.m., to the rest of us), heading to his shop in Los Angeles, to start crafting some of the finest, cutting edge paddleboards on the planet.








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