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New Surftech ULTRAFLX Technology

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ULTRAFLX is a radically new surfboard construction from Surftech

Each board begins by building a custom, dual density foam blank. At the core is Surftech’s proven, all white, waterproof fused cell EPS foam. For added strength and flex dampening a proprietary high density PU parabolic band is wrapped around the rails of the board.

Each ULTRAFLX surfboard has been precision scanned to perfection by the most accurate CNC machines in the world. After the blank is machined it is then fine-tuned by hand to an exacting match of the original master shape.

The glass process for ULTRAFLX utilizes the same time proven hand lamination methods as conventional surfboard construction. The differentiating factor in the quality of an ULTRAFLX is the superior materials that are far from conventional. Every board in the line has a two-layer bottom lamination with an exclusive fusing system.

The lamination and Salmon Skin fusing technology in each Surftech ULTRAFLX is so precise that only a minimal amount of sanding is required to fine-tune the edges to completion. Just a simple wet sanding is applied and then the board is ready to surf!

Surftech ULTRAFLX Story:

Surfboard flex has become a hot topic amongst shapers as they begin to build boards with a wider variety of materials. It’s common knowledge that flex creates many of the feelings and function of every board you ride. Shapers have now learned that you can build an identical board, each in different technologies and due to the flex alone each board will have different performance characteristics.

An ongoing research into this fundamental concept is why Surftech is launching a totally new technology in 2009. Surftech ULTRAFLX, as the name implies, is a technology featuring a much softer flex pattern, like that of a traditional polyester/PU board. We’ve chosen high quality materials with care and purpose to come up with a product that will last, as well as keep it’s crisp flex and soft feel for a life that will be measured in years rather than weeks or months.

Dual Density Core:
Taking dual density cores to a whole new level, a superior fused cell EPS core, and add a formulation of high density foam around the rails. This parabolic foam rail works to dampen the board’s overall flex and creates a tougher, more ding resistant rail.

Machine Driven Shapes:
Each Surftech ULTRAFLEX board is run through a CNC shaping machine to ensure truly accurate rockers and thickness profiles. Once the board is cut, it’s then fine tunes and glassed by hand. The best shapers in the world have realized the value of utilizing CNC machines and Surftech has the most accurate machines in the world.

Biaxial Fiberglass “Salmon Skin”:
How do you produce a board with softer flex, and combine it with more glass and durability while keeping it light? Up to this point virtually all surfboards have been glassed with conventional woven fiberglass with half the strands running nose to tail and the other half running 90˚ around the board. This means that only half of the glass (running nose to tail) is impacting the flex, and preventing potential snapping of the board.

The ULTRAFLEX boards’ “Salmon Skin” fiberglass is a combination of two uni-directional layers of glass stitched together on a 45˚ angle forming the biaxial grid that makes up our Salmon Skin (those are the lines you see on the deck and rails). Biaxial cloth allows for a greater range of flexibility, while distributing stress loads at 45˚ angles to help prevent buckling or breaking. This means that 100% of the fiberglass is working and more fiberglass can be used while still keeping a soft neutral flex pattern and maximizing durability.


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