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D.H Surfboards working with Futures Fins

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D.H Surfboards – Now working with Futures Fins

It has been a while, but I’ve squeezed in a couple of boards for myself . I’ve been using my own rides to try a few new things such as resin tints, Futures Fins and fresh shapes and fin positions. This is the first of them.

5’11 x 19 3/8″ x 2 5/16″. (4+4)+4 = 2.7kg. This quad was designed to fill in some of the gaps in my Bobsled’s performance sphere. It is more compact and generally less girthy all round and I was intending extra ‘attack’ in the pocket at the possible loss of glide and down the line speed. Sea trails yesterday at a blustery down-the-line point – backhand – were good once I’d dialed the sweet-spot. Felt real tight and drivey. I think it is going to be great in clean conditions.

Matt finish, black tint on the base onto clear deck with a blue acrylic pin line were ‘interesting’ on the blood pressure, but turned out ok.

Future fins on this one is a first for me. They feel great and look strong as a product and the range isn’t too overwhelmingly confusing – now available on all DH boards on request. Definitely worth the extra effort. – Tom Doidge – Harrison


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