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Euro Surf 2009 Results

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The Euro Surf 2009 at Jersey has now been finished, and two of our team riders at the event have had great results!

Both Alan Stokes and Elliot Dudley have finished 5th place in their categories, the Surf Open and the Longboard event. Surfers Village have an interview with Stokesy from the event:

The swell here’s been quite small but the sandbanks on the beach have actually been quite good. They’re only small waves but the shapes have been good so it’s been good for surfing, and Jersey’s a nice place. As a surfing destination, it’s definitely up there with some of the best places in the world because it’s quite a competitive wave.

I haven’t had to adapt my style too much because we get similar waves back home and so I’m used to these sorts of conditions.

I think the French have certainly got a good team, but in these conditions it can come down to just one wave in the twenty minutes because most of the time its small then every now and then you can get a pulse of two feet to chest high waves, and that can turn the heat completely around.

You could be in last place with ten seconds to go and then you get a freak wave and all of a sudden you’re in first. That’s the scariest thing in small conditions like these.

Alan Stokes

Celine Gehret was also at the event, but unfortunately was knocked out in the 2nd round.

I got knocked out in my second round with one foot dribble waves and with a tie, so they counted back to the third best wave and I lost by a very small difference and they cancelled off the comp after our heat because it was literally un-surfable and not contestable, I wish they had done that before my heat…

Celine Gehret

Here are some shots of Stokesy at the event:

Euro Surf 2009 A

Euro Surf 2009 A

Euro Surf 2009 B

Euro Surf 2009 B


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