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Daniel MacDonald is the head shaper and creator of DMS surfboards. He is based on the Gold Coast in Australia and is known for being an all around shaper, having designed boards from the classic through to high performance and new technologies.
Over the last 15 years Dan has been constantly delving into surfboard history whilst forging it's future through experimentation and innovation. His patented 'Carbon Wrap' design licensed to Matt Biolos of Lost Mayhem is available worldwide.
Daniel is now unleashing his latest technology 'Injection Tech', which offers an alternative flex to the carbon wrap. Showing his diverse nature and constant willingness to evolve within the surf industry.
While Daniel is a humble and shy guy he has shaped boards over the years for many of the world's pro surfers. Kelly Slater helped design the 'Bat Tail' on the actor model in 2011 when shaping at the DMS factory. Many others such as Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Bruce Irons, Matt Hoy, Heath Joske, Philip Toledo and Matt Banting have riden DMS test boards.