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Sun Cure Epoxy Repair Kit 2006

Surftech's Sun Cure Epoxy Ding Repair Kit includes: A dual grit sanding pad Sun Cure epoxy resin Plastic sheet Mixing stick Sun Cure Epoxy Ding Repair: 1. Prepare the ding by removing any debris or jagged fiberglass 2. Sand down the ding and surrounding area 3. In the shade, apply Sun Cure resin to the ding using the mixing stick. 4. Tape the clear plastic sheet over the ding to evenly distribute the Sun Cure resin. Or use the mixing stick to smooth out the resin. 5. Expose the repair to the sun. In bright sun the resin will cure in about 4-5 minutes. Partial sun, 5-7 minutes. Overcast to cloudy conditions, 7-10 minutes. 6. After the resin has completely cured, carefully remove the plastic sheet and sand down the repair using the dual grit sanding pad to its original shape. Paint over the repair area with Tuflite Touch-Up Paint or the spray can. . Be sure to shake can thoroughly.