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My Thoughts So Far

Posted on August 4, 2010 - Filed Under Future Fins | By

Hey guys,

Quick update on my travels and how the fins are going.
First up we headed up to north west WA. We had three different swells in ten days so it was fairly full on.
As I said in my first blog I am still only figuring out Futures at the moment.
A friend of mine called Camel is mad into Future fins and he schooled me in what I needed for heavy waves etc.

So what I have figured out is the Black Stix and other concave  fins are great when its small but when it gets bigger and a lot more power you want flat fibreglass fins – that is what I have learned anyway.

It was really cool up North as I did lots of experimenting with fins, not just different sets but also mixing sets!

What I was doing quite a bit was I would use a bigish centre fin and two smaller fins and it works well for going really fast.
Some good sets are; JC1, Timmy Paterson, Simon Anderson fin. The Tokoro fin is what I am using at the moment and is great here in Tahiti.

It is really cool figuring out which fins work best for certain waves and when you get it right you really notice the difference.

So get out there and try some different fins and see how they go! The fin trees are a great way of getting your hands on a new set of fins, I’ve put the locations below.

All the best

New Fin Trees!

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Future Fins ‘Test Ride’ Centre

New Future Fins Trees are going into stores now.

Fins are a very misunderstood yet absolutely vital component in surfing equipment. We want to help you make a confident straight forward purchase, knowing you have got the correct fins to suit your surfing ability and board.

How does the Fin Tree work?

This stand has been specially designed to display a great selection of the Future fin range. Each fin is displayed without packaging and is secured through the tang base with a description card attached giving information and recommending if the fin is suited to you, and you typical surfing conditions. Allowing you to make an informed decision.

In the Store?

As well as being a hands on information centre, surf shops with a ‘Future Fin Tree’ are test centres giving you access to ‘Try before you Buy’. Stores with Fin trees will also receive new fins models before they are launched for sale; allowing you to test and pre-order the latest models. So keep an eye out for the Clay Marzo and Mayhem …Lost fins that will be available in store soon.

For information on the Fin Tree demo centres please contact us.

The trees are currently up and ready to be checked out at Zuma Jay in Bude, Bilbo Surf Shop in Newquay, JP Surfboards‘ showroom in Penclawdd, Swansea, PJ’s Surf Shop in Llangennith Wales and Secret Spot in Scarborough.


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