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Posted on July 21, 2010 - Filed Under Future Fins, Thruster Fins | By

Hi guys,

This is my first blog for Future Fins. So I will go through my experience with the fins first so far.

I had the chance to start riding for Future Fins this winter and I am really glad I have made the change. I’m by no means a pro when it comes to understanding these fins yet but I did notice straight away the difference from FCS Fins. The Futures have way more drive and feel a lot more solid off the bottom which is the main thing you want to feel when I am surfing heavy waves.

I have got to use the fins in all types of waves, from fun waves for turns to heavy slabs and big Tow sessions. Future Fins seem like they have much more drive through turns and feel more solid, which for me that is a big thing I like to feel when surfing. I have not experimented enough to know which fins are the best ones for each situation but I look forward to it. My favourite fin so far has to be the FEA Black Stix.

I manly have been using the the Black Stix fin, it is an amazing fin on small waves I can really feel the drive. But they also go really well on all the heavy waves I have been surfing. It is a real all rounder which is perfect; I don’t really use any other fin at the moment unless it gets real big.

I have used the Tow Fins on a few big tow days and felt great, real solid and smooth. I have also put them in my big paddle boards and they work fine.

I am in Australia now for the summer, I will try and keep you updated on what’s going on down under and how the fins are going. Until then hope everyone has a great summer.



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