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(Ultra)flx’ing In Costa Rica

Posted on March 23, 2010 - Filed Under Surftech Boards, Ultraflx | By

Hello everyone!

I’ve been in Costa Rica for just over a month now. We’ve been surfing on the Pacific west coast, on the Nicoya Peninsula. The waves have been really fun 3 to 5 feet. The beach out front our bungalow has got great sand banks, which work like point breaks, real consistent and perfect long peeling waves, great for turns. At low tide it gets real sucky and you can get barrelled if you’re lucky.

I have been riding my new Ultraflx H2O SK8R 5’8 pretty much all of the time. Its such a fun board, it goes really fast and it’s got this nice flexy feel to it. You can really chuck this board around and push your limits with it and it just fits so nicely in the pocket.

Just 20 minutes down the beautiful white sand beach, there’s another amazing beach where the waves break on shallow banks, close to the shore. The waves there are really sucky and barrel most of the time. When the tide’s good in the morning, I have been surfing my 5’11 Pang TL2 over there, this board goes really fast and has got some perfect sharp rails which make the board hold in the sucky walls real nice.

Hope you guys back home are getting some good surf too and sending all of you lots of sunshine!

Celine :) xx


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