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NSP - NSP 12'6"" x 26" Puma Race , Pro Carbon - (HH)Demo

**SOLD** - TEAM RIDER BOARD - The Puma is the most versatile all round raceboard for all water states, different race formats and great downwinding. The design brief was for a board that is equally at home in the surf and flat water with excellent downwind performance. If you are not comfortable with the feel of a recessed deck, if you want to kick turn, if you want to surf race, downwind, race on the flat or just enjoy paddling faster and further, the Puma can do it all. The 14'/28" and 14'/26" models are ideal for all intermediate to advanced paddlers. Call 01205 722745 to order your board

Board Specification:
Mid : 26"

Fin Details:
Centre : NSP Race 20

£2429.00 £1200.00
Board Width 26"
Board Volume 250.2 L
Board Shaper NSP

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