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Once described as the "surfer's surfer" Mickey Muñoz has been riding waves since the 50's. Winning the first professional surf contest and pioneering Waimea Bay are some of the many things Mickey Munoz the surfer has accomplished.
Equally impressive yet not as widely recognized is Mickey Muñoz the designer. At Surftech we call him the "designer's designer." For years he was one of the main men at Hobie. Mickey has shaped thousands of boards, designed numerous boats, help create snowboards and shaped us these stunning 11'0" "Ultra-Glide" and 10'6" Glide models. Available in wood veneer or TUFLITE ® construction, these thoroughbreds may have the richest pedigree of all our models.

Imagine a board which catches waves like a 12 footer, yet surfs like a board under 10'. This is exactly what the Munoz 10'6" and 11'0" does. The rigid epoxy construction makes it glide into waves. Once in, you immediately feel the benefit of the reduced weight, allowing you to maneuver like a much shorter board. It's a fine balance, we have maintained just enough weight to allow great trim, yet reduced swing weight as much as possible to give you maximum performance.