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Survivor Race – Poole, Dorset

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The Jamie Mitchell Survivor Race format is becoming very popular, with several events around the world including it in their schedule as an alternative to standard course or sprint races.
The race format is a Le Mans style start: Begin standing next to you board on the waterline, run and grab your paddle that’s stuck in the sand 10 metres up the beach, then run back, grab your board and start paddling around a short course, either in flat water or through the surf. Every competitor starts together, with back-to-back heats whittling the field down to a final round of 6 paddlers
. There are only two to three minute breaks between heats, with the clock starting from when the first paddler crosses the line.
It’s an exciting form of SUP racing for spectators and a grueling workout for the paddlers. There’s practically no rest between each round, so if you’re lucky enough to make it all the way to the final (which involves around 5 knockout heats) you’re absolutely flogged.

The heats saw everyone start together in calm flat conditions. I got off to a good start off the line and had a lead on the run into the water. My plan was to get away at the start to give myself space on the turns around the tight twisted course.
Working myself through the rounds I was getting the maximum rest by coming in first each time and to be honest I felt really strong throughout the rounds. I was pleased how well I was going as I had been ill leading up to the race.
In the final the cross-shore wind had picked up making it quite bumpy in places but again I got out front early and worked really hard to get a good gap and take the win.

This race format was really fun and well done to BaySup for organizing the first one in the UK. I hope there’s more to come.

Ollie Shilston – Surftech Team Rider

Thanks BaySUP


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