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Exeter Chiefs Put to test by Exmouth Beach Rescue

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 The Exter Chiefs Squad went down to Exmouth Beach to go through a set of  drills specially designed by David ( “Tids”) Tidball and his volunteer lifeguards.

Tids, who owns and runs the”tad” surf shops in Exeter and Exmouth was asked to design a course for the Chiefs to test their ability in an alien environment.

Although the Chiefs are not swimfit by nature “Tids” was impressed by their stamina and work rate. ” The Chiefs are used to more intense activity. Over the 4 hour session, they completed 4 different exercise blocks. Each activity was designed to stretch them in a different way, including “brian over brawn”.

I was impressed with the inter team bonds and the effort put in by injuredplayers, who still wanted to partake.   Some players even showed surf promise.”

Mark Twiggs the head of fitness and condition squad said ” It was great to sit back and watch the team cope with the exercises provided by Exmouth Beach Rescue. The boys got cold , as the temperatures dropped and it lashed down, but they kept going, proving themselves again and again. ”

The outcome of the day was the team that was usually the weakest of the four teams  in the squad won out and the team that normally comes out on top was last. The final scores when added up were a one point difference for each of the top three. It was mainly the amount of disqualification/penalty points that affected the final outcome-they are rugby players, after all!

The lack of protection was designed to acclimatise the squad for winter playing conditions. You can’ t leave the pitch just because it starts to rain or hail .” Tids commented. ” I was really please to see all the smiles,on what wasn’t the most pleasant of days. The Chiefs were polite to a man and showed our young lifeguards and the Exmouth Cockles under 11’s just how professional athletes are great ambassadors as well.”

 Twiggs said ” It was a great event enjoyed by us all.”

 This year Beach Rescue members are life guarding the Olympics,World and London triathlon series, as well as Exmouth Beach.

See them in action



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