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New Ultraflx Xanadu Gipos Review

Posted on May 10, 2012 - Filed Under Longboarding, Shortboarding, Surftech Boards, Ultraflx | By

Surftech Team Rider – Charlie Charlesworth

Surftech Ultraflex Xanadu Gipos review.
I’ve had this board now for nearly a month now and have surfed it in tiny 1ft waves up to about 3/4ft blown out slop.  I’d kind of describe it as a shortboard shaped fish! I t goes really well in all the conditions i’ve surfed it – especially weaker, smaller waves that you may not even think of riding a shortboard in.  Being as it has a wide template, it catches waves like a mini-mal and flies through flat sections like a fish but you can also turn it in the pocket really easily. This board is similar to a Firewire Dominator, but what gives it a ‘one up’ is the pulled in tail – I’ve honestly done some better rail turns on this than I have on my standard shortboard. 

If you’re looking for one board for typical summer/weak/small waves (pretty much 90% of the surf we get in the UK) I’d say this is it.  My advice would be go small – these boards are wide enough to forgive you those extra inches. Set it up as a thruster (I have) or a quad and be prepared to fly through waves you probably didn’t even think were surfable!





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