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Lopez Surf Music SUP Review

Posted on May 23, 2012 - Filed Under Stand Up Paddling, Surftech Boards | By

New Lopez Surf Music SUP Review.

I tested both the 9 and 10 ft models in some of the small condition we have been having lately (1 to 3 ft) Basically ,both boards are 34″ wide versions of the old Surf music .

This means they are super stable and with massive volume they will float even the biggest specemins among us with ease.

Usually the downside of boards this wide is that they have  too much outline curve which hinders surfing performance but Lopez has overcome this problem by keeping the tail width pretty wide which has helped straighten the rail line. What this means to the layperson is you get a super stable board which actually surfs great too!!

Both boards turn on a dime and are really responsive . And because you are not thinking about the balance so much you can really concentrate on your wave riding .

You really do feel things become easier as soon as you get on one of these bad boys.  Both boards come with five fin slots enabling them to be used as a quad or a thruster . I personally prefer the thruster setup as this seems to give me a bit more drive which I like.

So , if you are looking for a fun board to massage your ego in up to head high surf then these are the ones I would recommend  – Guts Griffith – Surftech Team Rider.


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