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Pushing Your Limits – SurfGirl

Posted on August 6, 2010 - Filed Under Shortboarding, Surftech Boards, Ultraflx | By

Hey Guys

SurfGirl have published a feature I wrote for them for their ‘technique’ section and published a great shot of me on my H20 Sk8R – I love that board :)

It’s about how to become a better surfer by pushing and challenging yourself, and not being happy with just cruising along with no challenge:

Becoming a better surfer takes time and is all about challenging yourself – so don’t just cruise around, having a chat and seeing who’s in the lineup next time your out, think about pushing yourself a little bit further.

How do you know your limits if you don’t push them? If you’re determined to paddle for that bug wave, then do it. Don’t hesitate, and never pull back at the last second – that’s when the classic ‘pulled over’ wipe-out happens. I’ve done it loads of times and it’s never much fun!

Celine :)


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