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I’m on the Radio!

Posted on January 29, 2010 - Filed Under Future Fins, Thruster Fins | By

Hey Guys

Typing this all the way from Australia, where we’ve just had Australia day, some brilliant weather and I’ve managed to catch some excellent waves
and can be heard at about the 1:26.30 mark on the BBC iPlayer, or be skipping forward using the player below.

I’ve also got my first blog of 2010 up on the BBC’s Devon local pages.

…we flew into Sydney were my friend and top WQS surfer Glenn Hall picked us up from the airport. He was freaking out because the best swell of the summer was hitting that day and with any luck, his favourite wave would break on the swell.

With a quick little warm-up surf at a beach called North Avoca, I was ready for the swell.

Glenn called his friend and he buzzed to the launch point to put the jet ski in the water and took us to an out-to-sea sand bar called Box Head which again was firing with long lefts barrelling all the way down the point.

The Aussies were freaking out, saying things like: “You lucky Pom! You don’t understand how lucky you are to score this wave at this time of year and none other than the best it’s been for years.”

The next two days, we had waves as good as they get.

And now here we are: the waves have gone a bit small now but I’ve been doing heaps of training including circuits, boxing, skipping – and on the hottest days of the summer here in Australia, a whopping 43 degrees.

So, to round things up it looks like my luck might be changing and 2010 could be a seriously good year.

More to come from down under…


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