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Future Fins Feature

Posted on July 28, 2009 - Filed Under Future Fins, Quad Fins, Thruster Fins | By

Carve Mag have a Fink Tank feature in their latest issue, where they interview Vince Longo from Future Fins about fin technology:

In the last couple of issues we’ve checked out performance sticks, eggs, fishes, longboards and everything in-between. But is there something we’ve forgotten? Like those little sticky-out things that help us steer? Yep, we used to overlook them too…until a couple of sets of new fins changed our boards and our lives. Now we’re obsessed — fins are cool! Here are some insights from the world’s top fin designers.

“A flat sided fin will produce a high amount of lift for a smaller amount of time through turns,” Explains Vince. “As a result you need to get off the gas and let it cruise to the next rail or you’re going to have to push again to create speed. The inside foil makes the difference in the amount of turn. As you turn and push you’ll drive it through for more of the time. The result is more speed and drive for longer through turns.”

The Development is now even going as far as twisting foils to match the unique way water flows underneath surfboards. “It’s really simple: the standard side fin on a thruster is toed in and canted out to deliver lift and drive, but they don’t take into consideration the way the water flow near the bottom of the board is enhanced by the bottom rocker and shape of the board,but when you move a couple of inches away from that area the water flow changes. Because of that we can cant out and toe in more as you go up the fin to present a better angle for the foil to accept the water, grip the water and produce a lift force. The first foil we created, we went 2-1/2inches down the fin and canted three more degrees, about 1/8 inch.Later we started to twist the foil to aid release a little better. It all boils down to creating and releasing a lift force.”

The fins featured are the VII F4 RTM Black Stix, Controller Quad Fiberglass and the Rasta RTM Hex Keel Fin.


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