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Gerry Lopez - Pocket Rocket 0800 (Five-fin), Yellow

For Indo, Morocco or anywhere the 4'-8' waves re pumping, the Pocket Rocket would be the main battle board in your quiver. The Pocket Rocket delivers extra speed, maneuverability and control to make riding the edge a whole lot of fun and not a white knuckled, barely hanging in there exercise. In general, the Pocket Rocket would be anywhere in length from 6'4" up to 8'0" depending on the rider and where he surfs.

Board Specification:
Mid : 20 1/2"
Thickness : 2 7/8"

Fin Details:
Centre : 5-Fin
Side : 5 x FCSII

Board Width 20 1/2"
Board Thickness 2 7/8"
Board Volume 50.6 L
Board Shaper Gerry Lopez

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