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Bill Stewart - 0900 Stewart Hydro Glide - Softop CP, Blue

The Hydro Glide SOFTOP-CP was designed for easier paddling, turning and progressing your longboard skills. The Hydro Glide is a thicker board with relatively flat rocker, fullness held out to the rails and bevelled rails all the way around to provide maximum forgiveness. The SOFTOP-CP construction gives this great shape; durability, comfort and maximum traction. The Hydro Glide is as easy to paddle and forgiving as the Hydro Fun in a longboard shape.

Board Specification:
Mid : 23 1/2"
Thickness : 3 1/8"

Fin Details:
Centre : US Box
Side : Futures

Board Width 23 1/2"
Board Thickness 3 1/8"
Board Volume 68 L
Board Shaper Bill Stewart
Bill Stewart is regarded by most as the father of the Modern longboard. His innovative Hydro Hull designs which feature Bill's iconic bevelled rail and distinctive single to double concave bottom with 2+1 fin set up still set the pace in high performance longboarding.

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