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Bark - 1400 Bark Commander Prone Ghost Carbon, Blue

The BARK Commander is undisputedly the best prone paddle board in the world. Winning more titles than any other. It is as much at home in the middle of the Molokai Channel as it is in the intercostal waterways of Florida or paddling down the Thames. With comfortable knee-wells, side cut handles and a built-in chest rise, the Commander is designed to maximize every stroke. This larger board offers maximum glide and drive on those longer distances, stable and very fast. Built in Pro Elite construction it is a light, fast and rigid construction, All board have the Surftech blown core.

Board Specification:
Mid : 20 7/10"
Thickness : 8 4/5"

Fin Details:
Centre : Single

Board Width 20 7/10"
Board Thickness 8 4/5"
Board Volume 235 L
Board Shaper Bark
More races have been won on Bark paddle boards than any other brand. Why? Because no surf/paddleboard designer has logged more time on the water than Joe Bark. Joe's complete range of boards -- from his world famous unlimited-class and stock paddleboards, to his stand-up paddleboards, coastal touring boards, big wave guns and longboards -- are all tested, refined. Bark paddleboards are simply the fastest things in the water,more races have been won on Bark paddle crafts than any other brand. Now working with Surftech offering advanced technology with world class design.

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