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50Ft North Canyon Wave on a GoPro

The guys over at X-TremeVideo.com set me up with one of their GoPro cams for when I went to the North Canyon at Nazare Portugal, check out the footage below: http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.x-tremevideo.com%2Fgopro-cameras%2Fgopro-hd-hero-cameras&session_token=JZAseDiTNUR_lZGlM33PxrfVtpZ8MTI5MTgwODI1Nw%3D%3D My full write up goes into how it all went down.

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Landed the Money Move at the Animal Newquay Open

The Animal Newquay Open was the final event of the tour this year and although I wasn’t planning on competing as I’ve been suffering with a few injuries, I managed to make a late entry on the morning of the event. I was drawn against Russ Winter and Richie Sills, so knew I had my […]

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Mount Llesur was Conquered, and Victory is Once Again Mine – Animal Newquay Open

Job done folks, the last event on the UK pro surf tour and I took down the victory. With 3 key events cancelled this year on the tour, the title race was tight. Unfortunately I missed 3 events on top of that, 1 of those being a 2 star event because I was competing in […]

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Billabong Easkey Open Results

It’s been a long time since I last competed at home, but when I did get the jersey back on we had some good waves for the Billabong Easkey Open, and a great result for me; winning the men’s open! …leaving Aaron, Ollie, Iarom and Fergal to contest the final. All four surfers were on […]

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Wavelength Sept!

Hey Guys As you know I’m back in Ireland now, and Wavelength have graced me with a cover shot, thanks lads: They also featured an article I wrote about Western Oz, following me and Tom Lowe from when arrived through to me leaving for Tahiti: The last few years with Micky have always been fairly […]

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My Thoughts So Far

Hey guys, Quick update on my travels and how the fins are going. First up we headed up to north west WA. We had three different swells in ten days so it was fairly full on. As I said in my first blog I am still only figuring out Futures at the moment. A friend […]

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Fergal Smith blogging in.

Hi guys, This is my first blog for Future Fins. So I will go through my experience with the fins first so far. I had the chance to start riding for Future Fins this winter and I am really glad I have made the change. I’m by no means a pro when it comes to […]

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Champion of Champions Riding Futures

Future Fins team riders have had some great results again this past week, with Alan Stokes being crowned Champion of Champions in Sri Lanka! Reubin Pearce also had a great result finishing in second place. This years Champion Alan Stokes, commented, “I am ecstatic to have won this event, after coming 2nd last year and […]

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Goodbye to Oz – Next Stop Bali

Six weeks ago I wrote my first Australia blog and mentioned how we’d lucked into the best swell in ages. We were so lucky, we started getting abuse from the Aussies – This time, we’re about to head back to Bali for the final two-and-a-half weeks of our trip and have nothing but good memories […]

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I’m on the Radio!

Hey Guys Typing this all the way from Australia, where we’ve just had Australia day, some brilliant weather and I’ve managed to catch some excellent waves and can be heard at about the 1:26.30 mark on the BBC iPlayer, or be skipping forward using the player below. I’ve also got my first blog of 2010 […]

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