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AngloMania Feature

Posted on July 23, 2009 - Filed Under Shortboarding, Surftech Boards | By

Just another feature to share, I’ve been featured in the online sports lifestyle mag AngloMania.

There’s a focus on how surfing affects my fitness, and my achievements in the sport:

I think the one thing that I really appreciate is just being able to get away from everything; I often need my own space. Out there you can leave all your worries behind. I don’t think there are too many sports where you can do that.You get the best waves in the winter but you risk the chance of getting injured because you’re cold and you lose a lot of flexibility. The season kicks in around April until the end of November, so it’s a long season, yet in the off-season I travel to warmer places to train,spending a lot of time in Central America, Indonesia and Australia.

I’ve been British, English and UK Pro Tour champion simultaneously, which I don’t think anyone has done. That was quite an achievement. However, the best thing is being able to do it as a job. That feels like the most rewarding aspect. In Britain, there are literally a lucky handful of us that do it as a career.


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