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NSP - 14 x 24 Sonic, Pro Carbon - NRSN0603

EX DEMO - The Sonic is a dedicated raceboard for choppier waters, harbours, open ocean conditions and downwinders. The Sonic is now pintail to release water from the tail to reduce wake. Dugout deck, lowers the rider's centre of gravity, allowing reduced width and drag without compromising stability. The Accelerator Vacuum System (AVS) quickly removes any wash that enters the dugout. Strong performer in upwind and downwind conditions, the bulbous nose pops over chop to carry speed upwind and catch bumps downwind. 14'/24" can handle choppier conditions, having a different rocker line than the 14'/23" it is extremely competitive for elite and experts as soon as there is water texture to pull away from the pack. Call for price or to test

Board Specification:
Mid : 24"

Fin Details:
Centre : NSP Race 22

Board Width 24"
Board Shaper NSP

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