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NSP - 706 Elements 2017 Fun, Blue - 05ELFN706BL

Full balanced outlines with a semi-rounded nose and pulled in rounded pintail for control, these easy rocker boards are designed to paddle easily, getting you up and riding more often. The lightly concaved bottom creates a fast water transition through to the tail - providing balance and control. From one foot to overhead conditions, this design will not disappoint. For the recreational or weekend surfer looking to fire up their surfing, with a combination of fantastic value, durability and performance - precisely the right tool for the job.

Board Specification:
Mid : 21 3/4"
Thickness : 2 7/8"

Fin Details:
Centre : FCS M7
Side : FCS M7

Board Width 21 3/4"
Board Thickness 2 7/8"
Board Volume 54.7 L
Board Shaper NSP

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