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NSP - NSP 3-piece Carbon Hybrid Adjustable Paddle, Red

Discounting due to Covid-19. Allround Carbon Hybrid adjustabe paddle. For people who take their paddle everywhere they travel, the 3-piece adjustable is the perfect choice. You can easily disassemble and pack the paddle in a standard size suitcase, or it fits nicely inside our inflatable board bags. A 94 sqi traditional teardrop shaped blade which is perfect for paddlers who need initial paddle power to catch waves or get their board moving and for everyday paddlers or wave riders. Adjustable: 170 cm - 212 cm. 29mm diameter. Application: Wave, Touring Race, Cruising. Shipping 9.00 uk only - other areas quoted for.

Board Specification:

£219.00 £159.95
Board Shaper NSP

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