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NSP - 14'0" x 22" Ninja, Pro Carbon - Demo

TEAM RIDER BOARD - Ninjas are the fastest pure flat water racing boards on the market, features include: Dugout deck - lowers the rider's centre of gravity, allows the width to be reduced without compromising stability. Enough nose volume to paddle in a pack and wash ride comfortably whilst tracking straight. ****SOLD***** The Accelerator Vacuum System (AVS) quickly removes any wash that enters the deck. The key is low drag efficiency, race fast and save energy for the 'kick' to pull away from the pack on longer runs. Stable tail design for easy kick turns The 14'/22" is for elite paddlers to win races and fight in packs, but can be enjoyed by experts on flat water. Call for price or to test

Board Specification:
Mid : 22"

Fin Details:
Centre : NSP Race 22

£1400.00 £2429.00
Board Width 22"
Board Shaper NSP

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