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NSP - NSP 14x23 Ninja Race, Pro Carbon - 2017

The NSP Ninja boards are specific flatwater raceboards designed for unbridled speed on lakes, rivers and calm seas. The bulbous bow is designed to decrease the bow wave effect and optimise your energy while paddling. The perfect board for pure flatwater races. All NSP Ninja boards include 4 x Accelerator Vacuum System (AVS) to ensure that any water entering the dugout is quickly and efficiently removed. The Ninja maintains an hydrodynamic deck profile shape between the inverted bulbous bow and dugout to shield the rider from any wash, waves or spray. The NSP Ninja includes inserts to attach your paddling computer, GPS or GoPro. The paddling zone within the dugout includes a trim guide to help ensure you are always standing in the optimal position. Travis Grant and Titouan Puyo use this board to dominate flatwater races. Brand New ex display - 2017 model. Rides like a dream, you will not be disappointed.

Board Specification:
Mid : 23"

Fin Details:
Centre : NSP Race 22

£2785.00 £1200.00
Board Width 23"
Board Shaper NSP

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