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Takayama - **SOLD** 76 Egg TL Pro Carbon Burgundy nose/ grey body - CC095

Tak EGG - If you're not quite ready to "rip and shred" on a short board, nor are you apt to "cruise" on a long board, then the Hawaiian Pro Designs Egg is the perfect solution. This model is an "eggy" looking shape that allows the rider to trim high on the wave in the middle of the board or race down the line on the tail, whichever the rider prefers. This board is also a perfect beginners board because of the overall forgiving shape that allows for a variety of mistakes without loss of speed or maneuverability. For a beginner or advanced rider, this board is an extremely fun alternative on any day.End of line clearance - New boards , sold without fins + Postage

Board Specification:
Mid : 21 3/20"
Thickness : 2 7/10"

£859.00 £599.00
Board Width 21 3/20"
Board Thickness 2 7/10"
Board Volume 45.5 L
Board Shaper Takayama
Donald Takayama, a shaping legend. Famous for his progressive designs that combine both traditional and high performance.

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